here we go again

Another new beginning. Another chance to figure out what my voice sounds like.

I’m not the girl I was when I started my last blog. Honestly, I’m not sure what I am but I’m something new. Something vibrant and blossoming and alive. And it feels right to have a brand-new place to explore that.

I know this isn’t much of an intro, but I’m not sure what to say right now. I’m kinda tired and I have a bruise on my leg that might end up being the size of a baseball (yay minor work injuries!) and I’m kinda done with everything right now. But tonight felt like the right night for restarting, so here I am.

At some point in the next week or two depending on time and energy, I’m going to explain the name of this blog and all the shiny stuff I want to do with it. But right now, it’s enough to just be.

Littlest lioness. Let’s do this.