hey look i did a thing!!

New short story published here. I wrote it at a very interesting time in my life (several years ago) and it’s got nothing to do with where I was at that point, and yet it’s… reflective. (Also super-virginal 20-year-old me wrote some pretty good Content, just sayin’.)

My goal this year was to try to get published more, and so far so good on that front. Fingers crossed eventually I’ll get publications that pay something…

(But hey, I’ve gotten two acceptances in the last ten days and I am SUPER FREAKING SQUEE ABOUT THAT, so I’m definitely doing better for myself than I have in the past, lol.)


just let me flail for a hot second

New short story of mine published over at Drunk Monkeys (sidenote, lit journals tend to have INTERESTING names but that one is my fave).

And not only did THAT happen but the powers that be over there decided my story was even better with an image of a sleepy kitten attached.

Go read “Run With Me”, y’all!!

a few super-shiny writing updates!!

As you may or may not know, one of the purposes of me blogging here at Littlest Lioness is to provide a “professional” online presence for me – something that isn’t my Instagram full of selfies, my Tumblr fangirling, or my Facebook whatever-the-hell. Of course, like all well-intentioned projects, I got a little sidetracked. LL is still obviously a personal blog of me flailing about my life and my journey, but sometimes I have to veer professional.

And lately, well… lately things have been looking up for me on that front and I have two things I want to announce and promote.

First off, I got another short story accepted for publication this week! That makes four acceptances this year (goal was two, lol) and three currently in publication limbo. Actual updates on when those go up will appear over on the Littlest Lioness FB page, so get over there and like that. Or, alternatively, check my published work page on here once every month or so. Whatever you prefer, I won’t judge.

Second, and way more excitingly in my opinion, I have a novel currently up on Inkshares. Tank-Born is a pretty standard quarter-life-crisis novel – girl discovers who she really is and falls in love along the way – that just so happens to be set 40-ish years in the future. This project is my baby, and it would mean a lot to me if y’all would follow it on there and, if you are so inclined, recommend it to your friends. The more attention I can get for Tank-Born before I start the crowdfunding process in a few months, the better. (Also, Inkshares is a fascinating site in general and… well, wander at your own risk, but there’s a lot of amazing stuff there.)