life goes on

I took a mostly accidental writing hiatus.

It’s been an intense couple weeks. Lots of personal stuff. Very little of which is suitable for public consumption. I learned a few unexpected things about myself and what I’m capable of. And a few completely unsurprising things. I am definitely a better and more self-aware person than I was six months ago.

I’ve been getting much more into cosplay and trying to do that on a semi-professional level. I post about all of that on FB at Blue Butterfly Cosplay, so if y’all are remotely interested in watching me be a human disaster with photographic proof of my misadventures, go over there. At this point that’s gonna be staying off this blog because clearly what I need is two TOTALLY DIFFERENT public personas, but ya never know. (The occasional con story might wander over here, idk. Con people are FUN.)

I’ve taken on a bunch of crafty projects. I’m trying to do some side ventures. I’m working full time. I’m stressed as hell and in a strange way I think I love it because stressed!me gets shit done.

I just need to figure out how to translate the new practical gifts of my stubbornness into everything else in my life.

I need to sew and/or piece together like six costumes I’m lowkey working on, plus a Handmaid dress that I’m gonna wear for something at some point but idk what at this point ’cause I meant to wear it for my sister’s graduation but then life happened and I didn’t get around to making the darn thing in time soooo I’m gonna do that for SOMETHING. Idk. Maybe the next wedding within the former group, assuming there are any left I’m even gonna get invited to. We’ll see.

I kinda need to lose weight but that would require effort and honestly I’m too tired and I can blame my antidepressants for my thighs so whatev.

I need to write so, so much.

I’m not sure if posting all of this here will make me DO IT, but here’s hoping.


projects projects everywhere!!

Spring is blossoming and so is my creative mind. Unfortunately not so much with writing – I’m taking a short indefinite mental-health break from those ambitions – but so, so many new delights to flail about!!

First of all, the thing that’s only semi-new around here – cosplay. I’m still sticking with thrift-store-luck for my range, but I am going to be debuting my first truly “new” cosplay next weekend and I am VERY EXCITED FOR IT. (Especially because the dress I ended up getting *might* allow me to wear a bra instead of… other methods for not being inappropriate.) (Or maybe the fabric will be thick enough to conceal a potential nip-slip, idk. We’ll see.) I might end up doing a few modifications to that dress in the future, as well as getting a slightly better wig, but the initial version of my Laura Moon is going to debut and fingers crossed that goes well. There will likely be a post a few days after that con with pictures and reflections on being in public in rather minimal clothing, which might set off some of my insecurities but then again… idk. Lots of unknowns there. But on the other hand, I’m gonna cosplay my not-exactly-dead babe and it’s gonna be FUN.

(And I guess that’s another post I need to do, probably. Darn show hasn’t even aired yet and I’m already flailing. But then again, book’s existed for a while, and I’ve been lowkey flailing for like a year already, aaaaand maybe the insecurities are a little worse ’cause I’m literally twice the size of the actress who’s playing my current darling… which is a whole ‘nother animal… oooohboy.)

On the outside-life side of things, I’ve started a small side business of reselling formal dresses. Weird project, check, but it’s fun and fascinating. Hasn’t fully started to work yet, but I’m hopeful. And excuses to stare at pretty things are fun. And look at wedding dresses on Poshmark without getting a bad case of the sads. And… honestly, most bridesmaid dresses are not horrible. Or at least not the ones that people want to get rid of enough to sell them for under ten bucks. So that’s cool.

Aaaaand then research projects. Oh are there ever research projects.

I’ve been interested in tiny houses and earthships and stuff like that for a couple years, and I have decided that this year I’m gonna start actively taking steps forward towards possibly making that project happen. I feel like that’s where my life is leading me, and honestly… I’m already a bit eccentric, and potentially living in a tiny eclectic house in the middle of nowhere would just enhance the mystique. (That said, if anyone is aware of articles or blog posts or whatnot about tiny living with a cat or two… please give me links ’cause that’s a legit concern here.)

Also another beastie might be in the works, but that one is a ways further down the line. Enough potential to make me want to talk about it, but not enough for a reveal, lol.

So that’s what’s been going on in my world lately… and now back to your regularly scheduled misadventures of brooding twentysomething human disaster!!

hey look i did a thing!!

New short story published here. I wrote it at a very interesting time in my life (several years ago) and it’s got nothing to do with where I was at that point, and yet it’s… reflective. (Also super-virginal 20-year-old me wrote some pretty good Content, just sayin’.)

My goal this year was to try to get published more, and so far so good on that front. Fingers crossed eventually I’ll get publications that pay something…

(But hey, I’ve gotten two acceptances in the last ten days and I am SUPER FREAKING SQUEE ABOUT THAT, so I’m definitely doing better for myself than I have in the past, lol.)

life with claws out

I think my theme for this year is gonna end up being “intentional”.

I know, I know – we’re only six weeks into 2017, it’s a little early to call something like that, I might become a totally different person in the next ten months… but allowing for life to happen, I think I know where I’m headed in the near future.

I’m taking ownership of my life and becoming more proactive about things, and so far I’m loving every second of it.

I have big plans for my writing – plans I’m gonna keep fairly secret until some of them begin to blossom, but plans nonetheless. At the very least, I want to finish a novel this year. And ideally, I’d like to get a paid publication credit as well. Second one’s a little harder to control, obvs, but if I continue to work my ass off, it’s within the realm of plausibility. I’m getting my voice out there, and I will be heard, g’dammit.

I’m attempting online dating again. That’s probably gonna be its own post of horrors (or several posts, more likely), but I figure… I’m 23, I’m socially isolated, I’m a reasonably pretty woman with wants… that’s totally what the internet is for. So we’ll see where that adventure leads. I’m trying to be more open-minded and more willing to let things just happen, and so far so good.

Last but not least, I’m upping both my con schedule for this year (1 down, 8 to go!) and my cosplay game. My big project right now is altering a prop for one of my upcoming darlings, because so help me, I helped create the significance of that particular weapon within a particular faction of that fandom, and therefore I have to make sure it’s perfect. (Not my fault nobody else really felt like writing fic about that darling and the love of her life! And also not my fault that sword-as-accidental-proposal made total sense within the context of that show!) I’m gonna network more, show a little more skin, and see where that path leads me.

I’m done being a supporting character in my own life. I am committing right now to live with claws out, fight for myself and those I love, and never half-ass anything. I am more than that.

a few super-shiny writing updates!!

As you may or may not know, one of the purposes of me blogging here at Littlest Lioness is to provide a “professional” online presence for me – something that isn’t my Instagram full of selfies, my Tumblr fangirling, or my Facebook whatever-the-hell. Of course, like all well-intentioned projects, I got a little sidetracked. LL is still obviously a personal blog of me flailing about my life and my journey, but sometimes I have to veer professional.

And lately, well… lately things have been looking up for me on that front and I have two things I want to announce and promote.

First off, I got another short story accepted for publication this week! That makes four acceptances this year (goal was two, lol) and three currently in publication limbo. Actual updates on when those go up will appear over on the Littlest Lioness FB page, so get over there and like that. Or, alternatively, check my published work page on here once every month or so. Whatever you prefer, I won’t judge.

Second, and way more excitingly in my opinion, I have a novel currently up on Inkshares. Tank-Born is a pretty standard quarter-life-crisis novel – girl discovers who she really is and falls in love along the way – that just so happens to be set 40-ish years in the future. This project is my baby, and it would mean a lot to me if y’all would follow it on there and, if you are so inclined, recommend it to your friends. The more attention I can get for Tank-Born before I start the crowdfunding process in a few months, the better. (Also, Inkshares is a fascinating site in general and… well, wander at your own risk, but there’s a lot of amazing stuff there.)